Jhonny Zurita

Senior Producer / Assistant Director

Senior Creative Producer with global filmmaking experience

I am a highly adaptable, strategic and innovative award-winning Senior Producer benefiting from 23 years' experience on high-end feature films, TV commercials and digital projects. I love creating, leading and delivering bespoke results-orientated production solutions to elevate my clients' brands advertising in local and global marketing campaigns.

Currently, I'm spearheading ‘end-to-end production’ workflows collaborating effectively with key internal and external teams, whilst strictly following production, legal, procurement and safety guidelines on global shoots. I have a strong dedication to delivering work of the highest quality, and passion for making intelligent, impactful and memorable films and digital content for audiences worldwide in a rapidly changing work environment.

At work, I am consistently successful at creating and executing efficient production methodologies for complex briefs; positively leading and supporting teams whilst implementing best practices to deliver projects on time and budget; and diplomatically developing excellent working relationships with different clients, agencies, and production services suppliers globally.

My clients include:

 ITV, Heineken, TAG Heuer, Boss,  M&S, Channel 4, Samsung, SKY, National Geographic, Gillette, Boss, Barclays, KFC, Garnier, DHL, Michelin, Renault, Audi, Holland & Barrett, Enel, Allianz, Qualcomm, ABB, Evian, Debenhams, Nike, Harman Kardon, Plenty, Jacob's, MTV, Formula E, Johnson & Johnson, Fairtrade, SONY, Luxardo, British Heart Foundation, VW,Santander, Mercedes Benz, VISA, Qatar Airways, Julius Bär, Ella's Kitchen, ZDF, Tia Maria, ORF, Tiger of Sweden, Iceland, Intercasino, Historic Royal Palaces, H&M, Absolut, Televisa, Cancer Research UK, Geolotto, Nowness, Acer, El Comercio and Diners Club.

Worked for different film studios, including:

Countries worked in the UK, South Africa, Germany, USA, China, Morocco, France, Spain, Mexico, Egypt, Jamaica, Ecuador, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Monaco, Austria, Italy, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Chile, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Cayman Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis and US Virgin Islands.

Experience working with A-list cast / athletes / celebrities, stunts, crowds, children, Visual FX, 360 rigs, Special FX, Motion control, cars, steadicam, 3D rigs, jib arm, U-crane, wire rigs, marine and aerial filming, drones, weapons, explosions and animals.

I speak English Bilingual proficiency, Spanish Native, French & German  Intermediate

Education: BA in Film and TV Production and Direction    MA in Documentary filmmaking

Certifications: UK 1st Option Safety Group: Safe Management of Productions, Drone safety & First aider. Leadership and short MBA diplomas.